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Having employees who show up on time everyday is great. Having employees who show up on time and possess the skills and knowledge to make your products and services shine among the competition is even better. Let us help you get the most from every member of your team.


The Basics of Consulting

This course is designed to help acclimate your new team members to the world of sales. In a few short sessions, we cover meeting and greeting, phone etiquette, the do's and don'ts of business emails, and what to do when the customer isn't always right. Your team will also learn how "steal" customers from your competition by providing superior service during the discovery phase of their shopping experience.

Ethics For Small Businesses

Help improve the accountability of each member of your team with this two-part course.
Learners will gain understanding of the importance of operating with integrity and upholding your company's morals and values and the legal consequences that can result when these things are ignored. They will also learn tactics to avoid workplace conflict and customer dissatisfaction due to poor verbal communication.

The Art of the Upsell

In this hour-long class, we show you how to increase your company's sales through the practice of upselling. We'll talk about how to offer additional products and services during the entire sales process without seeming pushy as well as how to turn a window shopper into a buyer, and much more.
This course is also recommended for the self-employed and independent contractors seeking larger profits.

Casually dressed female colleagues talking in a meeting room

Our training programs are developed to help improve customer service skills, business ethics, sales tactics, and accountability in your employees while giving them a deep sense of pride in your companies standards and values. Contact us to book a trainer for your employees or team members today.