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We want to help you have the most PROFITABLE holiday season you've ever experienced! That starts with having an amazing website, updated graphics, and brilliant copy!

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Website & Hosting Bundles:

Here at Opulence we completely understand that there is so much more to having a website than just a screen filled with beautiful graphics and words that pull on the heartstrings of potential buyers. For this reason, we've bundled our most highly requested web design prototypes with your domain registration, 1 year of premium hosting, and all the freebies Opulence customers far and wide have come to know and love.

Every website we design is built using WordPress, and is hosted on OUR secured servers and includes EVERYTHING those big name hosts dont'! Our things like: Free Domain-based Email, SSL Certificate registration, nightly data backups, monthly site maintenance, and so much more! Each option requires a nonrefundable deposit to secure the discounted price.

A Nonrefundable deposit is required to secure the promotional price.

The special pricing on website bundles will be available for the duration of the holiday season, and must be secured with a nonrefundable deposit of $50. This cost is included in the total price of your bundle, as there are absolutely NO hidden costs with any of the products and services we provide. Paying the deposit secures the price of your bundle for 90 days, regardless of your choice of payment options. Once your site bundle has been paid for in full, you will be granted complete ownership of the site. Our maintenance crew will only have access to the portions of your site's back-end needed to perform basic maintenance such as data back ups and plugin updates.

Bundle Pricing is for the Entire 1st year of service.

Before we start working on your project, you'll receive a consultation phone call from us so that our team can ensure the site we build is precisely the way you envision it. During that call we'll briefly discuss the options you'll have for hosting and premium maintenance during year two and beyond.

After the first year of service you'll be able to renew your domain for one year or more and pair it with the hosting option of your choosing. Hosting starts at just $5.00 per month and can be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly. As always hosting includes email, SSL certificate registration, nightly data backups, and basic monthly maintenance.

Flexible Payment Options:

You can choose to pay for your website bundle (less the deposit) all at once or in payments. No credit check is required for payment plans. Flexible payment options are subject to an additional fee of up to $50 and could affect the turnaround time for the completion of your site. While we're glad to launch your site as soon as work is completed, you will not be granted complete access to the site's back-end until all payments have been made. If payments aren't received in a timely manner, your site is subject to being deactivated until payment is received. All available options will be discussed during your consultation.

Graphics & Copy writing Packages:

Staying active and present in your personal life while appearing to be omnipresent online can be a hassle for most entrepreneurs, but with the help of dynamic graphics, touching video, illuminating copy, and a bit of automation, things DON'T have to be this way! We're offering some of our most frequently requested services at discounted prices to help you take back control. So if trying to "do it for the 'gram" has you feeling like your business is running you instead of you running it, we've got a solution that can help! All graphics and copy specials must be paid for in full and are not subject to refund after the approval of sample work has been submitted by the buyer.

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If you’re interested in taking advantage of on or more of these SWEET holiday deals, complete the form below!! Don’t worry, we won’t start spamming you with random emails and promise to only call you during the time you secured for your consultation(s).  Once we receive your submission, we’ll schedule a FREE 15 minute call with you.  We may also send you samples of our work if requested.  As soon as you decide to move forward with your project you’ll receive an invoice that must be paid before any work begins.

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